Young control

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Every parent is assaulted by countless questions and concerns that may vary depending on the age of their child, and the more the latter became part of the world evading the direct control of the parents, the greater are these doubts and fears: “Where might my son/daughter be now? Who has he/she gone out with? Who are the friends he/she is frequenting and what does he/she get up to when not at home?” And, the most important question:” Will he/she be strong enough to resist or avoid situations that might endanger his/her mental and physical health?”

A particular area of attention for our investigative activities is the follow-up on young people’s activities. With this precise scope, qualified personnel carry out a series of activities that are not limited simply to verifying acquaintances and friendships, but also include detailed investigations around the risk that the young person is exposing himself/herself to illegal activities or activities which are harmful to their own health and well being, such as the intake of drugs and alcohol. Our activity in this area is discrete and attentive at the same time, and offers its customers a service dedicated to the observation of behavior, and also aimed to identify any youthful unease that emerges when the youngsters are not under direct parental supervision. It is useful to note that, in our judicial system, even simply the confirmation of personal use of illegal substances (drugs), may result in the application of administrative penalties such as notice of Quaestor, suspension or withdrawal (revocation) of a driving license and registration in the register of the Prefecture as a drugs user, not to mention potential criminal implications where there are strict penalties for anyone in possession of quantities of drugs in excess of those required for personal use or anyone who passes drugs to 3rd parties, either free or for money (i.e. drug dealing).