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Youth control, minor child custody, custody check, missing persons, stalking, anonymous phone calls, graphic and merchandise surveys, insurance scams

Security informations

Computer security, business information, ipocatastical information, asset information, trademark and product counterfeiting, industrial counterfeiting, telephone and environmental remediation

Personal and financial assets

Marriage inquiries, accompanying services, theft prevention, commercial information, tracing unearned debts, absenteeism and dismissal for just cause, loyalty of members

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Where we work?

Italy and abroad

Italy, Europe and other country

Digital and analogic

In digital, wireless and fixed and mobile communications networks

People and things

Services for the protection of the person and of the things


Who we are

We are a new and dynamic agency with the intent to be a point of reference for all those who decide to take advantage of industry professionals . The foundations of our society are based on a value that today is often betrayed and trampled in every area of life or easily used without knowing the deep meaning : “seriousness”. For us the seriousness is synonymous with capability and efficiency of the staff, together with the investment on the latest technology and staff training . Our society is geared to work with patience, dedication and confidentiality as well as intuition, timeliness and sixth sense , the fundamental conditions for a successful engagement and a high customer satisfaction, which translates into a source of pride for us.