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More and more we hear of individuals who violate personal privacy, intruding into people’s private lives and transforming their behavior into complete harassment. Due to the increase of this phenomenon, legislators introduced with DL February 23, 2009, 11, a new type of crime: ‘STALKING’ inserted in the Criminal Code, art. 612 bis named “persecutory acts.” There are several ways and means of stalking, but the effects are always similar, that is, provoking in the victim a state of anxiety and fear for his/her own safety, going so far as to force him/her, in extreme cases, to choose to change their habits and lifestyle – e.g. change telephone numbers, move home, fear to go out at night, etc., even in some cases seeking medical help due to the state of psychological malaise engendered.

Being able to prove to be the subject of stalking is the only way to condemn the persecutors. Our staff will be there for you to reassure you and to complete all activity required putting together compelling evidence which can be used in court to prosecute a stalker.