Insurance scam

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Among property crimes, insurance fraud is certainly one of the most common crimes and one of the easiest to perpetrate. Lacking the possibility of effective control, insurance companies are at risk of becoming cash-points for unscrupulous gangs working with friends and relatives and applying techniques which are not particularly complex.

Our company, working in direct contact with the customer, will be able, on one hand to examine in detail the facts alleged in a claim to assess the reliability based on the dynamics described (survey on the site of the accident, tracing of witnesses, etc.) , and at the same can propose a more profound activity of analysis, aimed at identifying: Any previous claims by the insured party; The similarities that normally are found in cases of repeated insurance fraud; The socio-economic situation of the parties involved in each claim. These, plus other elements that may result from a more in-depth analysis of individual events monitored (e.g. repeated absence of the FF.OO. at the accident site, the presentation of the claim forms exclusively with the C.I.A. forms, the absence of personal injury, etc.) contribute to an assessment, even from criminal aspect, of the conduct of the insured.