Cyber crime

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In recent years, the use of the Internet by private individuals and companies has increased exponentially.
More and more Italians now surf the internet (according to recent statistics about 13 million households use the Internet for information, purchases and sales or to manage their finances) to the point that the Internet has become one of the key drivers of our economy. According to ISTAT figures for Italy, Small and Medium businesses represent, in fact, about 99% of our companies and produce 70% of total sales. According to Eirisko data, 87% of companies with more than 50 employees have a website that allows them to improve their productivity, to achieve and deliver the products to a large customer base, including International customers and therefore grow faster when they have a window open on the World Wide Web 24 hours a day. In this modern environment, private individuals and companies cannot allow themselves to be exposed to the risks of the Internet (subtraction of information and private data). The provision of a secure IT infrastructure from which to manage professional activities is absolutely essential.

Our agency profits from the availability of experts in the field of computer science, able to analyze and solve challenges related to information security of individuals, professionals, or companies, providing, in this field, a professional and cutting edge. Industrial espionage, hacking, invasion of privacy, sabotage, are the major intrusions from which we must defend ourselves and our agency is ready to provide advice and targeted interventions in order to render each type of activity secure on the World Wide Web